My Story

I am a native of Nashville, TN, with roots in the Sumner and Rutherford county areas for decades. Born and raised here, allows me to have knowledge of the area and use that to my advantage. I have a background in law enforcement of over 22 yrs. My experience is also in management, teaching/instructing and running small businesses. I think the life experience I have in these fields gives me unique perspective when dealing with buyers and sellers. I have always helped family and friends buy properties in the past. One day I finally figured out that I wanted to do this for a living, to help people find their next dream home or help them sell their current home. I love this job! Nothing better than helping people with the place they will lay their head at night. My job is to make the transaction as worry free as possible. Trust me when I say this can be a stressful process, but if you allow me to guide you thru it……I will make it painless as possible.

All I ask from you is a chance to apply for the job of representing you. We may click and we may not, but you owe it to yourself to interview agents before making a decision. After all, buying or selling a home is one of the biggest things you will do in your life. I will work hard for you. I am aggressive and detailed.

Now, its time to go to work! Call me!

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